Who is "Dr. G"?

Dr. G is a double board-certified pain physician and anesthesiologist. He has spent 3 years developing the formula for our proprietary formula that optimizes the body's response to pain.  He is still in practice full-time taking care of his patients with pain.  Because of federal regulations and contract agreements, we do not display his full name.

Why is it called Qentura "Complete"?

Our brand Qentura set out to develop a “multi-modal" approach to pain supplements to include a complete range of components addressing joint pain, nerve pain, and muscle pain--these are the issues seen in arthritis, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia.

How long will it take to work?

A response to supplements can be variable especially if the symptoms have been going on a while.  We recommend trialing it for at least 30 days and ideally 6 weeks. When dealing with chronic pain, it may take time for any supplement or medicine to have a positive effect because the painful problem has been ingrained in the system for many months or years.

Can there be side effects?

Any medication or supplement has the potential for side effects.  Luckily, our blend has selected agents with very few side effects. The most common could include nausea, or stomach upset. Overall, these products are well-tolerated by most people.  If there are concerns, always make sure to speak with your physician prior to trying Qentura especially if you have serious health conditions.

What about other agents not included in Qentura Complete?

While we know there are many agents out there that have shown some promise for pain, we have only selected those with the best research and efficacy. Others have been left out because of too many side effects or interactions.  For instance, we know that some people with fibromyalgia may benefit from Sam-E, but unfortunately it can interact severely with antidepressant medications that many Americans already use for pain or mood issues.   So, not to worry--we left it out.

I am taking opiates (narcotics) for pain--can I take Qentura Complete?

Yes! There is no interaction between the agents in Qentura Complete and opiates.  Our hope is that our product will allow you to reduce your need for opiates or to help them work better for you. Before considering coming off of opiates, always talk to your doctor about tapering instructions and if this strategy is right for you.

Why Choose Qentura Complete over other products?

There are more than a few supplements out there claiming to help with pain.  What sets Qentura Complete apart is our breakthrough formulation designed by a board certified pain physician.  We know from studies in the anesthesia literature that the best results come from “multi-modal analgesia”.  What does that mean, you ask? It means taking the best of class agents from several categories and using them to all work together.  As the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle put it, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We have used the best vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts to work together from different angles--all focused on your pain relief.