After years of seeing frustrated patients being confused and overwhelmed by supplement choices for pain, our physician product designer had enough. 

Dr. G decided to design the best combination product on the market.  Qentura Complete is a labor of love combined with years of research to bring you the first product of its kind.

Qentura was started with one goal in mind: bring the best researched pain supplements together in one product to make it easy on you.  Isn’t life hard enough already?

Our sole purpose in this world is to find the safest and most effective non-pharmaceutical products to help you with pain.

Qentura Complete by Botany Bay, LLC
Email: customerservice@qentura.io
Phone: 1 (805) 724-4267
Mailing Address:
15100 N. 78th Way Ste 203
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


*Dr. G is still in practice full-time taking care of his patients with pain.  Because of federal regulations and contract agreements, we do not display his full name.