What is arthritis?


Good question. It's one we get a lot.


Imagine two bones coming together in a joint--the knee for instance.  Where they meet there is a lining of cartilage and other structures that help it glide.  


These gliding structures can wear out over time creating jagged edges and narrowing of the joint.  You may have heard this called arthritis or degenerative joint disease.  In more severe cases your doctors may call it "bone on bone"--meaning the bones are rubbing on each other. It sounds painful--and it is.


These pains can be found in any joint of the body: the knee, back, neck, and shoulder are common spots.


Qentura Complete includes a formulation of natural agents, vitamins and minerals that can help the symptoms of arthritis including pain and inflammation.


We have developed Qentura Complete to be a holistic alternative to conventional treatments such as prescription anti-inflammatories, steroids and surgery.