A specialized form of a naturally produced chemical in the bloodstream, acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC) has shown promise on several fronts.  It is key in nerve regeneration.  Troubles with the body’s ability to make or metabolize these chemicals has been implicated as one of the key mechanisms by which people get peripheral neuropathy including in diabetics. 

 It is also involved in a process of “apoptosis” which is the scientific term for programmed cell death.  ALC is involved in positively modulating the body’s response to apoptosis in nerve cells, helping them to regenerate and avoid dying off.  This is key for those suffering from neuropathy.  

It may also be helpful for some of those suffering from fibromyalgia--recent studies have found that small fiber nerve problems are detected in 20-60% of those with fibromyalgia.  As you can tell, chronic painful conditions are complex and multifactorial--so should your treatments and supplements.